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Leading edge Sales Productivity
Highly visible customers data can be viewed as enterprise or by individual with a simple click.

Use mapping to plot profiled customers or product sales. Invert the profile and you have your prospects.

View transaction histories or add a new sale or quote using the integrated sales automation tools.


Data Connectivity Model
High data availability using
replicated data.

Co-ordinate strategic and tactical campaigns at all levels.

Local or remote users have the full picture and management has total control.


Enterprise Relationship
Management via Internet

A world leading multi-tiered, remote user sales/marketing solution. Replicating over your LAN, WAN or the Internet you have organisation wide integrated control over the customer prospecting environment.

  • Easy to use interface
  • View a company by Enterprise or it's individuals
  • Contact and campaign management 
  • Mail, e-mail, mailshots, phone or visits
  • Monitor and react to responses
  • Use mapping to plot customer patterns
  • Integrated sales automation tools
  • Integrated finance tools
  • Powerful profile logging and analysis