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Leading edge
channel control

Profile outlets and analysis outlet and salesperson performance.

Use mapping to plan territories by postcode and plot potential markets.

Communicate with the right people to motivate your sales channel and get the results.


Relationship Model

High data availability using
replicated data.

Co-ordinate strategic and tactical
data at all levels.

Local or remote users have the full picture and management has total control.


Sales Channel Relationship
Management via Internet

PowerBase manages branches or outlet operations at lightening speed. It integrates customer data with product data and multi-tiered profit objectives. Re-organise your sales outlets or territories instantly using simple drag and drop.

  • Easy to use interface
  • Deals with territories & sub-territories
  • Outlet contact & campaign management 
  • Mail, e-mail, mailshots, phone or visits.
  • Monitor & react to responses
  • Use mapping to plot territories
  • Control outlet variables
  • Check out outlet performance
  • Maintain service indices & performance results